Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love - Do They See it?

I'm dabbling in poetry now..... enjoy..

Love - Do They See It?
by Anuschka de la Court

Do they not see what I do?
Only coldness and disappointment in they're eyes.
Is it a mis-understanding?
Why can't they say, "I love you?"
"I can't say it if I don't feel it," they reply.
Why don't they feel it?
What have I done?
Why must it be what I have done?
They were at fault too.....
Why must I apologize?
Why must I bend knee and swallow my pride?
"A person without good sense finds fault with his neighbour.
But a person with understanding keeps quiet." Proverbs 11:12
I am a follower of Christ.
If I reflect deeply enough, I was partly at fault.
Everyone is,
in most situations,
a two way street.
"Resentment kills a fool." Job 5:2
and when we put someone in our own jail cell of hatred,
guess who is left guarding the door?
So I let it go...
I will always love,
even when I don't always feel it.
Feeling are fickle,
as are emotions.
Love is constant.
Love is truth.
When you understand this,
the feeling,
will follow.

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