Monday, September 20, 2010

A Virtual Reality Jesus

This morning I was jogging around the Wii Resort Island. Who should pass me on my right? Jesus Christ. I mean....I'm pretty sure it was him. I didn't stop and ask. It did look like him....the Hollywood version...You know...long dark hair, beard, kind eyes. Was it really him in Wii world? It did peek my curiosity.
"How did he get there? How fast does he run? Will he pass me again?" I began looking for him as I jogged around the Island. I saw my husband Rene, my kids, my mother, sister, niece, nephew, Betty, Nadyne, my dad....all these familiar characters either cheering me on or passing me, but no Jesus.
Then I saw the familiar white shirt and long dark hair up in front of me. I was 3/4 through my lap and there he was just up ahead. I was tired, sweat misted off me, my legs were burning....but I had to find out if it was really him....I jogged faster....almost there....if my virtual arm could just reach out I could touch his shoulder. We were neck and neck, 10 meters from the finish line. Then I passed him. My Wii me couldn't turn around and I couldn't see him. I slowed down. There was his shadow on the left of me. We were running side by side towards the finish line. We did it!
 Afterwards, he walked up in front of me, faced me and clapped, as if to say,"Well done."
I took a good look at him...It was him. I don't know anyone that looks like Jesus....and I'm pretty sure my kids don't have friends that look like him either....How did he get there? Did the software people at Nintendo make him?
Later on, he was chucking hula hoops at me and kicking soccor balls at my face.  I checked the Mii Wii Plaza and there he was Jesus....God. One of my daughters had made the character.
A Virtual Jesus
"Why did you make Jesus into a Wii character?" I asked her.
"You ask us to walk with him and talk with him....why can't we play with him?"
Why not indeed! I'll have to go tell Roger.

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
2Timothy 4:7

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