Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Husband, My Hero

Bonjour Dear Friends,

 I just wanted to let you know, that I'm in the middle of getting my house in order (My house, house...not me personally). You see, I'm not the best house wife out there. Truthfully, I prefer to research, read and write than do dishes. But, I've got some people coming over for a Cinco de Mayo Party this Thursday and I thought I would begin to de-clutter and clean early. I began the daunting task yesterday, I figured 4 days would give me enough time to make my house look like Martha's. I was greatly's going to take me much longer.
 I made an error, yes that's right, a flub, a boo boo, a miscalulation, in my excitement to clean the house.
 As I dusted the shelves above the piano, I found three pictures that had been missing since the renovations of my bathroom downstairs. I had been on my husbands case for years to have this room done, and six months ago we finally had saved up enough money for a new sink, fresh paint and floor tiles. YES! This was the worst room in the house and I was so looking forward to a nice new bathroom. I was so excited!
Rene did an amazing job. It looked beautiful. He has such a talent with these kinds of things, that's why he started up a little part-time business called Brother Odd. Odd jobs are his specialty. I've also on occasion called him McGyver. He can fix anything with a paperclip and duct tape (emergency fix of course...he wouldn't leave it that way).
"That's where you went." I spoke to the three wayward prints, then I found a hammer, three nails and headed to my beautifully renovated bathroom.
"They'll look good right about there." I held up each photo and measured the spot on the wall. I pressed the nail with a little force to etch a mark where each sailboat portrait would hang. I dreamt of putting 3 blue Ikea CYLINDER vases along the top of the toilet with tea lights in them, just to add a little 'Martha' touch.
"And that's a good thing." she would say.
Two pictures went up with no problems, the third nail was stuck. It wouldn't go in.
"Maybe I hit the beam?" I thought to myself and jiggled the nail and pulled it out slowly.
"OOOOOPPPPSSS!" Water squirted out of the pin hole I had made. Lots of water. It gushed out and wet my shoulder.
"OH NO! OH NO! OH NO!" I stuck my finger over the hole and screamed. It's kind of ironic. The story of the dutch boy who put his finger in the dyke, came to my mind. Here I was a 40+ year old woman living out one of the childhood stories I heard so long ago. If I recall correctly, I visited the site when I was about my daughter's age.
"RENE!" I yelled out the bathroom door and grabbed the towel and held it up against the wall.
"RENE! OH NO!" I felt like an idiot. My poor bathroom. All that hard work.
"RENE!" I cried once more and there he came.
My knight in shining armor. My Prince. My Love. He was working on a diesel engine in the carport when he heard my cry. Okay, so he wasn't exactly dressed in shining armor, he had his greasy black hoody on with black streaks across his cheek. He wasn't carrying his sword, but he had a screwdriver in his hand and he knew where the valve was to shut off the water (FYI, for those of you who live in the same complex as's behind the furnace).
Rene had to punch a hole about 1 foot across and 1 1/2 feet down, in my newly renovated bathroom. He let the pipe dry and then he soldered the pin prick shut.
"WOW!" he said when the task was completed. "Suddenly I feel wide awake and pumped!" He smiled and kissed me passionately. In that moment, I realized, it was a very important thing for a man to rescue his woman and fix the mess she has somehow found herself in. It feels good to be needed and to help... feels even better when you've done a good job.
Maybe I should make a mess more often? house won't be perfect on Thursday. I don't think the hole will be fixed by then (we have to keep it open for a few days to make sure it doesn't leak).
 I don't mind if you don't mind. Just don't touch the's itchy.

So much for re-decorating... Doesn't matter anyways, I'm not Martha. 
Think I'll go pick up a book.

Love You!


Nic said...

Love you, love Rene, love the girls....missing you all. Have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo!!! Your words capture me so!!!!

Maureen Floris said...

Anuschka, you make me laugh! I'll have to tell you my story of when I hung a picture and screwed it right through my french door....oops...

Anuschka said...

Thanks Ladies...for all your kind words...those posted here and those received by email...I no longer worry about the way my house looks...I'm going for the "lived in" look...I hear it's the next new thing in decorating...I want people to feel welcome and comfortable in my home and, as long as they feel that...then I've done my job.
Take Care!