Friday, January 6, 2012

180 Movie and Coffee

Klara Polzl - Hitler's Mom
"Lets not forget what war does... what anger does to a human heart."
"If you could go back into time with a gun, would you kill a pregnant Adolph Hitler's mom?"
"Abortion... are you pro life or pro choice?"

This was the conversation over coffee and tea last Thursday morning at D4N.  Normally our conversations are a little less sensational, but considering the 180 movie we had watched, I suppose it was to be expected.
The movie touched upon really deep issues that I believe, we as Canadians, don't talk about enough. Most of us are non-committal avoiding discomfort to keep ourselves from from seeing what's really going on in this world; safe in our own little 'happy' bubble. Those who forget history are bound to repeat it and most kids today don't know who Adolf Hitler was. Many people have never heard of the Holocaust and if they did hear of it they believe it to be a myth, nothing better than a fairytale.
"It never happened." Is becoming common thinking, because people don't like to feel convicted, because then they would have to change. People don't like change. Yet, sometimes we need to hear things that make us feel uncomfortable because it's in this 'discomfort' that we begin to think - we begin to question - we begin to make changes that help us grow and become stronger.
Anger kills the human heart. It's a disease. Anger kills the spirit, the heart and people. Anger is foolish.  We must teach this to our children and our grandchildren lest we repeat the past.
"If you could go back to the time just before Hitler was born," the commentator asked in the movie 180, "and you had a gun, would you shoot Adolf's pregnant Mom?" Most answered, "YES!"
Million's of families have been hurt by this Man. Unbelievable pain and suffering happened because of one man's idea's. There are many people who would not even pause before pulling that trigger, but does that make it the right thing to do? I think the consensus Thursday morning was that neither one of us could pull that trigger. We would be no better than Hitler, because our anger would have totally consumed us to the point of becoming a killer. Just like Hitler.
" Do you think if Klara Polzl knew she was about to give birth to a mad man, would she have aborted the baby?" Hitler's Mama, was known as a kind and gentle woman who spoiled her son. This is a common attribute of many mothers. So what happened? I touched upon this topic a little in Hitler's Fleas last November.
To abort a baby no matter what the circumstance... Is this a better path of thinking to take? Instead of shooting Klara, would we tell her what a monster she was about to give birth to? Would we persuade her to abort the child? Is this the right thing to do? Millions of woman all over the earth have abortions, killing perhaps many little Hitler's but... they could be killing little Mother Teresa's as well. Who are we to judge? And why would Klara believe us? How could a kind and gentle mother possibly kill her own child? Would we? These were tough questions we asked ourselves Thursday morning.
"Education! Education! Education!" was the mutual agreement. We have to teach kids the mistakes of the past. Teach them about love and compassion. Equip them with healthy skills to deal with the hurts that will happen in their life. To love them unconditionally, with no judgements. And then pray, pray, pray that they become not an ugly scar upon humanity but a great blessing.

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Next Thursday's coffe hour will take on a more domestic feel... we will be making meals for a cancer patient... but... then again? Woman can cook and talk at the same time, can't we? Who knows where this weeks conversation will lead? LOL!

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