Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is Power an Illusion?

"With great power comes great responsibility. Why? Because power is an illusion. The desire to yield that is weakness. An exercise in ego, and the fact is that all you really hold when you hold power, is all the rope you need to hang yourself."
 A quote from the TV show 'Being Erica' on CBC

I'm going to leave you with just this quote, no story today.
I heard this quote the other day and found it fascinating. It made me think about the kind of leader I have followed in the past and what kind of leader I'd like to be following now, maybe even what kind of leader I am/or would like to be?

I'd like to stir up a little conversational discussion on this quote. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. So please leave your comments here on this page or if you don't have access to blogspot you can send them via facebook or email me.

Looking forward to seeing your comments!



Anuschka said...

Hi Anuschka:

I find this quote a little difficult to understand... However, one thing that comes to mind my very close friend. One of the reasons she is so close is that she continually points me to Jesus... When I have a difficulty and share it with her, generally at some point she will suggest a scripture... I just love it.. So she leads me to Jesus,not to herself, and that's the type of leader I'd like to be...

Thanks Nancy

Anuschka said...

I think the greatest leaders are those that have a serving heart. The power comes in serving/helping others.
A lot of leaders turn power into an ego trip...that is dangerous!

Thanks for your comment Nancy!

Anuschka said...

Another emailed comment:

Betty Edwards 10:15am Jan 25
yes it is my 16 year old thinks he is in control[has a lot to learn]

Anuschka said...

Thanks to Mike who emailed me his thoughts:

Hi Deeds for Needs,

Interesting quote. My thoughts are that power is reality not an illusion when you come to know that God is the source of all power. Jesus told Pilate that " You have no power except that which is given to you from above. "
( John 19:11 )

God also brought down the plagues on Egypt not only to induce Pharaoh to let His people go but to display His power.

In these end times God has chosen to display His power to we who are being saved, by the message of the cross.
(1 Corinthians 1: 18 )

We are to remember that as we exert our power over our world that" if we think we are something when we are nothing we deceive ourselves. ( Galatians 6:3 ) So much for our ego .

The world is right in saying that to serve others with a gentle and humble heart with meekness and in kindness is a great display of power for this shows to others that I am a "good person". But to know that" only God is good" ( Mark 10:18) and that only who we are and what we do in the Truth lays our treasure up in heaven. For there it will survive the Refiner's Fire and be like gold for eternity. This is our Savior's reward for our good works.
So we don't have to worry about hearing those awful words of Jesus spoken to those who exercise their power for their own benefit or with a self righteous motive. "Away from me you who practiced inequity( with your power given to you) I never knew you." ( Matthew 7:23 )

God bless you and your families.