Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is a REAL friend?

Thank-you God for Friends....

Who care for me, just because I'm me.

Who affirm me, who say "yes" to me when so many say "no".

Who let me feel safe with them.

Who let me know that they accept me and love me no matter what!

Who refuse to judge me when others are so quick to.

Who listen to me, really listen to me.

Who let me share the joy of an accomplishment with them.

Who share in my losses and my failures.

Who let me see their genuine concern and pain for me in times of trouble.

Who teach me how to laugh and how to cry.

Who teach me how to feel passionately about life and faith.

Who by their openness and vulnerability and honestly encourage me to shed my masks and false images.

Who make me feel special and valuable.

Who make me feel gifted and loved.

Thank - you Lord for friends like that.

This devotional is adapted from a devotional found in the "Daylight Devotional Bible" copyright 1998 by Zondervan.

A REAL friend always loves us.
A REAL friend sticks by us no matter what.
A REAL friend always brings out the best in us.
A REAL friend always tells the truth. Even if it hurts.
A REAL friend is interested in what interests us.

Discovery Church Sermon on a Real Friend

 Did you know that it is a sign of immaturity if you think you don't need a friend? I have been immature for years. You see, I have been hurt before by people I thought were my friends. I have opened up to those whom I now know, were only acquaintances and not an Intimate friend, and I was hurt. So, I kept my distance for many years. Acquaintances do not really care about your well being. Acquaintances can be superficial and your contact with them is intermittent. You can not build a close relationship if you do not put in the time.

1) Acquaintances - Intermittent contact, superficial
2) Casual Friend - Common Interests, ask more questions
3) Close Friend - Similar Life goals, ask harder questions
4) Intimate Friend - Share a deep commitment in mutual values, free to encourage, someone you trust.

I now know the difference and I chose my friends wisely, because a friend, spouse included, impacts our lives on a daily basis.  Life is really tough if you have no intimate friends. Remember, Jesus had 12 of them.

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