Friday, November 11, 2011

Please Remember the Sound of War

Vimy Ridge

The Sound Of War and Peace

The sound of war is soldiers dying,
Soldiers are dying,
People are crying.
We won't forget the sound of war,
Or the death of someone we loved even more.

The sound of war is a dreadful thought.
The sound of peace must be taught.

Now you ask, what is the sound of peace?
Dig deep in your soul,
And you will find it.
But you only wish that you could confine it.

A farmer's field where we saw remains of shells and bones.
By Annette Reilly

At Vimy Ridge

Farmers tilling in the fields,
Still churn up bones for all to see.
Underneath the fresh green corn,
Lie soldiers remains, forgotten;forlorn.

Screams of pain
Smells of death
Some bombs still awake,
The tunnels where the Canadian soldiers waitied.
After 94 years of rest.

Standing in a trench of mud,
The intimidating shells shook the ground.
The men stood straight,
To show their valor.

Courage was the word that night,
No one knew the dawn would bring such fright.

The wild strawberries now grow,
Where the earth saw blood and destruction;
And sheep graze in peace,
Where the bones of men are at rest.

Where shells and guns,
Once tore the world to pieces.
Now peace exists,
At Vimy Ridge.

By Anuschka de la Court

The leftovers of war, churned up in the fields every year.
Sheep grazing for no mowers are allowed, because the shaking may make a 94 year old bomb explode.

A special Thank-you to all those who shared their stories and poetry.

Let us not forget those that died for our freedom.

To see more of what happened at Vimy Ridge click on the link.
Vimy Ridge


Thea said...

very well said in your poem. Well done Anuschka. I am proud to be your aunt.

Thea said...

very well done. I like the poem yoy wrote, I am very proud to be your Aunt.