Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Katies Place - Where all cats are loved

"What happened here?" I asked a large orange tabby cat named Sunkist as he rubbed against my legs, weaving through them. It looked as if a hurricane passed through one of the cages sitting in the Annex connected to Curtis' Corner.
"Helllloooo puuuussssssyyyy cccaaaattttt." I sang softly into the cage, hoping my gentle singing would calm the cat before I would have to open the cage to clean it up. I was a bit reluctant, you see a sign was posted to the entrance, "USE CAUTION!!!!! Feral Cat Very Scared." I leaned down to have a closer look. Big eyes were starring at me through a slit in the carrier. Then I saw another pair of eyes. Wider and looking more scared than the first.
"There's 2 cats in there. Why didn't you tell me Sunkist?" He meowed at me, pooped in the just cleaned litter box and left me to deal with the frightened feral's.

My family and I have been helping out at Katies Place for a while now. What began as a teaching tool to help our children give back to the community, is now a labour of love. There are many unwanted and abandoned felines in our community and at Katies Place all are welcomed and loved... none are turned away or disposed of.

If you and your family would like to help Katies Place, see this link http://katiesplaceshelter.com/how-to-help/how-to-volunteer/ for more information to help you get started.

Volunteers are very welcome to pet and give me a massage!
Diana says, "Thanks!"

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